Integra provides homecare patients, and healthcare providers
with state of the art medical equipment and clinical services.

Integra's clinical services, such as respiratory therapy services
and diet consulting, were established to improve patients' wellness
and complement our healthcare product offering.

Servicing multiple healthcare communities, Integra's warm staff provides immediate patient care with clinical excellence that is rooted in high-quality products and service. Integra's commitment to excellence carries throughout our organization in a constantly changing healthcare environment. Integra is devoted to achieve patient satisfaction and ensure that our service levels exceed customer needs.

Orders can be placed via phone, fax, or EACIN referral system. Integra staff processes all paperwork and ensures the timely coordination of durable medical equipment and supply needs. Integra Healthcare Equipment accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Our billing staff specializes in per diem billing for long term care, hospice, and outpatient facilities.

From the initial phone call to the timely delivery of equipment and supplies, Integra staff is committed to the highest standards of service and excellence.

You may contact us toll-free at: (888)828-7729.

Real-Time Shipment Notification
Integra customers have the option to receive real-time email notifications confirming DME deliveries and pickups. These notifications include an order confirmation number, patient name, demographics, date ordered and received, time of delivery or pickup, and DME product and pricing. Included in the email is the recipient's signature confirming receipt of the order.

The system provides reassurance to our customers that deliveries are timely. It also bridges the gap in communication during the patient coordination process. The emails are generated automatically and instantaneously. They provide our customers with the knowledge that their order was placed and accurately transmitted to the Integra Service Team. The emails also include the recipient's signature; thereby identifying who was instructed on the products' as well confirming who acknowledgement of pick up.

Guaranteed Same Day Delivery
Integra Healthcare Equipment guarantees the same day delivery of durable medical equipment and supplies. Our office is centrally located to ensure timely deliveries and our service technicians complete deliveries, setups, and instructions free of charge at your facility or in the convenience and comfort of your patient's home.

Integra staff is available 24 hours/7 days a week for emergency equipment assistance.